We offer various services to associations, collaborators and students at EPFL, as well as services dedicated to our members. We invite you to look at our wiki for further details on these services.


We are always happy to help you use free software for your association! More information on how to contact us about this can be found (in French) here.


Help for a GNU/Linux installation

We are always available for chatting or to help install a GNU/Linux operating system on your machine. For those who can come to EPFL, you can find us in the CM 0 415. We are also reachable by other means, see the contact page.

Game servers

We host some free game servers. They are listed on the wiki.


Some of our services are only accessible to our members. We notably offer personal website hosting, shell access on one of our servers, NAS storage space, a calendar synchronization service and a Matrix account. You can become a member here (in French).