Welcome to GNU Generation’s website! Our mission is to promote the use of Free Software on the EPFL campus. You can find more information about our missions here.

Assembly of the GNUs (AG)

Our annual assembly of the GNUs is this Friday September 30th, at 17.00 in our club room: CM 0 415

We will vote for a new committee, vote on initiatives, talk about what we will do this semester. Everyone is welcome, come join us if you’re interested in what we do!

We can always use more help on the committee, for example a new treasurer is needed, possibly a new vice-president, some help for communication,…

Install Fest

Our annual Install Fest event will take place the 6th of October this year. During this event you can come with your computer or phone and we can help you install a GNU/Linux operating system on it, or help you with your existing system and help find FOSS alternatives for example.

If you’re interested, please consult the page dedicated to the Install Fest


Presentations and guides related to these events are available here.